Ear Setback (Otoplasty)

Ear Setback or Otoplasty is one of the two main ear surgery procedures we perform at Marina Plastics. Ear setback is usually done for patients who want their ears set closer to their heads or reduce the size of over-sized ears..

Ear surgery results are permanent. Younger people who get the operation done also show better results. Cartilage heals better, faster for younger people.


Ear deformities can come in various shapes and sizes. It is estimated that 1 out of every 6 people has deformed ears although some may not know it. It is also noted that at least 1% of the human population consider their ears to be too prominent. This is usually a trend seen in families and is accepted as a norm with a few individuals seeking treatment for social or professional reasons.

These deformities can come in many forms from a difference in size from one ear to another, a difference in angle from point of origin or a difference in shape from said angle.

There are also many causes that can bring about these ear deformities. This can be congenital in nature, a result of an injury or caused by deliberate alterations (usually due to heavy earrings or oversized earpieces). Age can also play a role in ear deformities. Some people barely notice their ear deformity while there are cases of people having more prominent cases than others.

We treat the ones who have a more severe ear deformity or those just wishing to have alterations made.

Usually, protruding or misshapen ears are the main reasons why people have their ears reshaped or setback.

Best Candidates

Self-confidence issues because of the size or shape of their earsPeople with good general health and as close as possible to their ideal BMI based on age, height and other physical factors. Younger people show better results. Cartilage heals better, faster for younger people.
People who want to alter the appearance of their ears with realistic expectations
People who have self-confidence issues due to the size and/or shape of their ears, protrusion of ears, underdeveloped ear cartilage, torn earlobes or any other unusual or peculiar condition of the ears.
Best candidates are people aged 5 up.

What to Expect

Ear surgery results are permanent.

Your ears may feel a bit tight as the stitches heal. This feeling usually goes away during the healing period.

Bleeding, numbness or infection may occur in some rare cases. Another negative outcome may be slightly asymmetrical or “cauliflower” ears.

An initial consultation will be done to assess what you essentially need for functionality with a secondary assessment done for the aesthetic purpose of the operation.

cosmetic ear surgey: ear setback

After Surgery / Recovery

As with all types of surgical procedures, caring for the areas where sutures were made is the highest priority. Follow your surgeon’s instruction for the proper care of affected areas.

Utmost care and priority must be given to ensure the safety of the individual’s ears during the recovery period.

Swelling and bruising are usually down to a minimum for ear re-shaping procedures although this varies from patient to patient.

An elastic bandage around the head is used to protect the ears especially while sleeping.
Take extra care with children to ensure they do not pick or scratch ears during the healing period.

Procedure Planner

Initial Meeting

45 – 60 minutes


30 – 45 minutes

Procedure Time

1 – 2 hours

Recovery Time

2 – 6 weeks

Post-op Follow Up

1 week

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