Ear Surgery

Otoplasty and Pinnaplasty are two main surgery procedures we perform at Marina Plastics. Ear setback is a great way to reshape or reduce the size of your ears to your exacting standards.


The results of the surgery are permanent. Younger people who get the operation done also show better results. Cartilage heals better, faster for younger people.

ear setback

Ear Setback (Otoplasty)

If protruding or unshapely ears bother you, you may consider plastic surgery. Ear surgery (otoplasty) can improve their shape, position or proportion. It can correct defects in ear structure that are…

ear surgery for reshaping

Ear Reshaping

Protruding? Misshapen? Too large? Too small? These are common reasons why people have their ears reshaped. Ear-reshaping or otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery operation that is done for people who have…

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