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Better quality life with cosmetic surgery

Better Quality of Life

Plastic Surgery involves the restoration, reconstruction or alteration of the human body.

People undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic or practical reasons. The majority of these patients end up enjoying a better quality of life.

That can also happen to you.

Look & Feel Confident with Cosmetic Surgery

Look & Feel Confident

Studies have shown that people who have undergone successful cosmetic or reconstructive surgery have shown an increase in

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Gain Confidence with Plastic Surgery

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A new life with cosmetic surgery

A New Lease on Life

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Skin Cancer Treatment

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It serves to protect our internal organs from external threats as well as keeping everything bundled in nicely.

But what happens when something goes wrong with your skin? What happens when the very layer of protection you depend on becomes compromised?

You guessed it!

Everything else inside is going to be in danger. As our outermost layer of protection, the skin goes through a lot of abuse. The most dangerous type of abuse, is sun exposure.

Too much sun exposure can lead to the development of skin cancer. Skin cancer is also the most prevalent cancer today. It is estimated that 1 out of 5 people are going to manifest some type of cancer in their lifetime. That type of cancer, is usually skin cancer.

Now, there are 2 types of skin cancer: Melanoma and non-Melanoma.

Thankfully, both can easily be cured if detected and treated early. You should have a regular appointment with your dermatologist to check your skin from time to time. It is also highly encouraged for everyone to check their own skin regularly and report anything that seems out of the ordinary.

Non-melanoma cancer is relatively the safer type of skin cancer as it is slow growing and is usually contained in one area. Although not as malignant as melanoma type skin cancers, you will still need to get it treated so it doesn’t progress any further.

Melanoma type cancers on the other hand can progress quickly within a matter of weeks or months. If treated early, there is a 98% success rate of removing this type of cancer.

At Marina Plastic Surgery, we handle both types of skin cancer. Our vast experience in treating skin cancers of all types and our high success rate speaks for itself. We are the preferred treatment center for skin cancers in the Marina area.

P.S. You can still enjoy the sun though, just wear enough sun block (Check the SPF rating) or bring an umbrella with you. A wide brimmed hat will do just fine as well.

When people hear the term plastic surgery, what immediately comes to mind is that it’s something most celebrities undergo to increase their chances of stardom. We’ll get back to that later. That’s one of the positive aspects of plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery can be divided into two categories. The first and more popular one, is cosmetic (or aesthetic) surgery. The second, is reconstructive surgery. Both of these techniques are widely used all over the world.

At Marina Plastic Surgery, we perform both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Our expert surgeons are well-trained and have a vast amount of experience in terms of tenure and exposure to different cases ranging from normal operations to extreme procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery
Happy client of Marina Plastic Surgery

We treat each and every patient as unique individuals and tailor our procedures to ensure that our treatments are precise and specifically suited to provide positive outcomes for each client.

Oh and just in case you think we forgot, Plastic Surgery can have a positive effect on your life, raise your self-esteem and improve your interactions with other people.


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