Arm Lift

An arm lift or brachioplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that reshapes the under portion of the arm.

There are times when working out, following the proper diet and basically changing your lifestyle to a healthier one is not enough to achieve the body goals you have. This is especially true for people who either drastically lost weight in a short span of time or were massively overweight during the course of their lifetime and developed a lot of excess skin.

At Marina Plastic Surgery, we perform arm lift procedures as part of our body contouring surgery operations on patients most in need of the service. We offer high-quality services discreetly with results aimed at improving your self-confidence and self-esteem.


Arm lift procedures are done for patients who are concerned about sagging skin or loose folds under their upper arms. There are many factors contributing to the development of saggy skin under the arms which include age, drastic weight loss and genetics.

Arm lifts are purely cosmetic in nature and have no other benefits like gaining additional strength or others.

Buttock lifts usually involve the excision of fat either through directly removing the fatty deposits or through targeted liposuction sessions.

What is left is then repositioned to have a more toned appearance.

In some cases, implants may be used to enhance the look and size of the buttocks.

Scarring will occur but will fade over time.

Best Candidates

Men and women with good general health and realistic expectations who are as close as possible to their ideal BMI based on age, height and other physical factors who want to improve their physical appearance and self-confidence.
Men or women who are following weight loss and want to tighten the excess skin or people who are affected by fatty deposits and skin laxity that won’t respond to diet or exercise.
Women following pregnancy where skin and musculature may have stretched.
Elderly patients who have excessive sagging skin under the arms.

What to Expect

An incision is made from under the arm or the back of the arm extending from the underarm to the elbow. This is the maximum length and normal procedures require less invasive incisions to be made to perform the brachioplasty.

An initial consultation will be done to assess what you essentially need for functionality with a secondary assessment done for the aesthetic purpose of the operation.

Treatment is highly dependent on the degree of looseness of skin, amount of excess skin, age, and other factors.

These may require multiple sessions to completely eradicate fatty deposits in concerned areas.

There will be scarring but it will fade in time.

After Surgery / Recovery

As with all types of surgical procedures, caring for the areas where sutures were made is the highest priority. Following your body contouring surgeon’s instruction or the proper care of affected areas is highly advised.

Compression garments will be advised for 6 weeks to assist in the healing process and to avoid swelling. This also prevents fluid build up and excessive clotting or bruising.

Pain management can be administered by hospital staff or by the patient. It can be oral or through intravenous methods.

Physical therapy will be introduced gradually for muscle strengthening and fortifying the areas operated on.

Liposuction may be advised to completely remove fatty deposits.

Procedure Planner

Initial Meeting

45 – 60 minutes


30 – 45 minutes

Procedure Time

up to 2 hours. Longer if additional procedures are done.

Recovery Time

2 – 8 weeks longer for people who do physical work

Post-op Follow Up

1 week to 10 days for removal of dressing and drains.

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