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chest surgeon for sunken or funnel

Sunken or Funnel

funnel, caved-in or sunken front chest wall is caused when several ribs and the sternum grow abnormally. It is usually present at birth and…

chest condition called pigeon chest

Pigeon Chest

Pigeon chest is the opposite of funnel chest. The breastbone may be pushed forward by the rapid growth of the ribs, resulting in a sharp ridge or prominent central chest, hence its name.

chest surgeon for rib anomalies

Rib Anomalies

Usually these anomalies involve a failure to form the synchondrosis, (cartilage that links the ends of the rib cartilages at the front of the chest wall on each side of the breast bone). Depending on the exact problem

chest condition called gynaecomastia


Gynaecomastia is a common disorder of the male breast in which there is a benign glandular enlargement of that breast, often associated with abnormal fat deposition around the breast.

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