Plastic surgeries in Ara Tai Drive Half Moon Bay Marina.

The Marina Plastic Surgery Facility has a fantastic view of the marina where yachts of all sizes are docked. The stillness of these vessels and the calm body of water evokes a sense of peace that can help prepare your mind for the treatment or plastic surgeries you are about to undergo.

The facility is minimalistic giving you a clear picture that this place puts efficiency and transparency as their priority. The standard white walls and muted pastel grey colours emphasize the fact that this is a sterile environment with a no-nonsense approach to providing the best healthcare services to you.

The offices inside the facility has the same minimalistic air as the facade. It is clutter free, allowing you to maintain that peace of mind as you go over the procedures and other documentation before entering the operating room.

The operating rooms for minor and major surgical operations are clean, clutter-free and complete with the latest medical devices to ensure your safety at all times.

For recovery, the rooms you’ll be staying are clean, complete with everything you need to make your stay, an enjoyable one.

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