Nose Surgery

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is no longer done for vanity purposes alone. Some people undergo this surgical procedure to help them breathe better. Come in for an appointment if you believe you need one done.


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Rhinoplasty/nose surgery/nose job this surgical procedure goes by so many names and is arguably one of the most popular cosmetic operation done for decades. Whatever your reasons for having nose surgery, Marina Plastic Surgery can surely help you achieve your desired results. Most people often choose rhinoplasty for purely aesthetic reasons and improved breathing is another benefit for this procedure. Book your consultation with us today!

Best Candidates

People with good general health and as close as possible to their ideal BMI based on age, height and other physical factors.
People with physical conditions (deviated septum, nasal blockage and/or nasal injuries) that hamper their breathing who can benefit from rhinoplasty.
People who want to alter the appearance of their nose with realistic expectations
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What to Expect

An initial consultation will be done to assess what you essentially need for functionality with a secondary assessment done for the aesthetic purpose of the operation.

A point of reference (pictures or magazines) will help immensely in conveying your ideal outcome so bring some along so you can show them to your surgeon. This will help your surgeon plan exactly how to shape your existing nose to achieve your desired look.

It may be necessary for a surgeon to break your nose bone to reposition it and/or reshape the cartilage for best results.


After Surgery / Recovery

As with all types of surgical procedures, caring for the areas where sutures were made is the highest priority. Follow your surgeon’s instruction for the proper care of affected areas.

Utmost care and priority must be given to ensure the safety of the individual’s nose during the recovery period.

Keep head elevated for several days to reduce swelling. Cold compresses are recommended for the first 48 – 72 hours to further reduce swelling and bruising. This condition may last for up to 4 weeks, application of Hirudoid cream and ingestion of Arnica tablets may hasten the recovery period.

Difficulty in closing one’s eyes may occur (due to close proximity to the nose) lasting anywhere between a few days to a few weeks.

Avoid heavy or strenuous activities. Wear makeup to cover obvious bruises if you wish to participate in social events. Wear a plastic face mask if advised.

Scarring may remain slightly pink for six months or more before they fade to a thin, barely visible line.

Procedure Planner

Initial Meeting

45 – 60 minutes


30 – 45 minutes

Procedure Time

1 – 3 depending on technique used

Recovery Time

2 – 4 weeks

Post-op Follow Up

1 week

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