Necklift (Turkey Neck)

One body part that will totally give your age away even if you’ve undergone face surgery is your neck. Don’t let this happen to you. Always consider including tightening your neck area to complete the transformation.


Having a turkey neck is usually the result of ageing. Or a genetic disposition to develop sagging or loose skin/muscle underneath the chin area. It can also be the result of rapid weight loss over a short period of time.

A neck lift is usually done in combination with a facelift to bring forth a more defined jawline & lower face.

neck surgery procedure

Best Candidates

People with good general health and as close as possible to their ideal BMI based on age, height and other physical factors.

People with the desire to reduce visible signs of ageing.

People with localised fat deposits under the chin or those who have loose neck muscles or skin.

People aged 40 and up

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What to Expect

One of the most difficult areas on anyone’s body to maintain is the neck area. Over time, the neck area will show signs of ageing and removing this can take a really long time as there are little to no exercises targeted at removing loose skin in the neck area. Surgery is most often advised to remedy the situation.

Results may vary based on your overall health, skin quality, looseness, the presence of folds and/or wrinkles. Your basic anatomy will also be assessed to ensure you are a good candidate for neck surgery.

neck surgery: undergoing neck lift

After Surgery / Recovery

Since neck surgery is done along with other face surgery procedures, effects may vary.

As with all types of surgical procedures, caring for the areas where incisions were made is the highest priority. Follow your surgeon’s instruction for the proper care of affected areas.

Procedure Planner

Initial Meeting

45 – 60 minutes


30 – 45 minutes

Procedure Time

As part of a facelift 5-6 hours

Recovery Time

6 weeks (with 2 weeks strict home rest)

Post-op Follow Up

1 week

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