Brow Lift

A wrinkled forehead usually is a sign of wisdom. Wisdom is brought about by age. Except, you don’t want to be that old person in a group of young, vibrant people. An eyebrow plastic surgery procedure is what you need to effect a successful brow lift. Give it a try, ask us how, ask us why.


A brow lift effectively raises your forehead eliminating those unwanted lines. You could say that undergoing an eyebrow plastic surgery procedure is a great way to take back your youth with very little work needed, done.

Good conversations can lead to a lot of opportunities. Anything that distracts from coming to an agreement can be a costly liability. Wrinkles have a way of preventing people from reaching their goals during conversations and other social interactions.

That’s because wrinkles can convey the wrong information to the person you’re talking to and whether this is a social or professional setting, it can be equally disastrous. The obvious solution is to have your wrinkles removed best as you can.

Eyebrow plastic surgery is one of our more popular procedures especially with young professionals who want signs of stress and excessive furrowing of the brow removed. It’s also one of our quickest procedures that can be done within the day. It removes wrinkles on your forehead area and tightens the skin around your eyes. It also helps eliminate drooping eyebrows, furrowed lines and that sad look on your face brought about by stress.

When coupled with blepharoplasty, the results can be truly amazing. Please schedule an appointment so we can make a good assessment as to what will work best before we proceed to the actual operation to give you a more youthful look.

brow lift

Best Candidates

People with good general health and as close as possible to their ideal BMI based on age, height and other physical factors.

People with inherited droopy eyebrows and other similar conditions.

People who want to reduce visible signs of ageing.

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What to Expect

A brow lift or a forehead lift is basically a procedure involving minor incisions made at strategic locations on your scalp and then pulling the skin back to reduce drooping and furrowed lines. This basically tightens the area around your brows and your forehead.

Excess fat may be suctioned off depending on the situation or as needed.

Suture lines are hidden well away under your hair so you won’t have to worry about unsightly scars.

eyebrow plastic surgical procedure

After Surgery / Recovery

As with all types of surgical procedures, caring for the areas where incisions were made is the highest priority. Follow your surgeon’s instruction for the proper care of affected areas.

You will need to sleep with 2 to 3 pillows to keep your head raised to avoid swelling or bruising too much. Arnica and Hirudoid cream can help reduce bruising and swelling. Ice packs can also be used to bring swelling down.

Expect a recovery time of 2 to 4 weeks. Sutures will be removed at around the second week.

Procedure Planner

Initial Meeting

5 – 60 minutes


30 – 45 minutes

Procedure Time

1 – 3 hours depending on the technique used

Recovery Time

2 – 4 weeks

Post-op Follow Up

1 week

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